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God is speaking to you. Do you hear him... are you listening?



God has been speaking to us since He created our lives. He has spent thousands of years, using different men and women through out time to reach us. The Holy Bible is full of stories of these men and women who have listened to God and trusted in him. They had built a relationship with Him. The Holy Bible also is full of their wondrous testaments and encounters with God. It is full of His glorious works in their lives. 

For some of you it may seem foreign to have a personal relationship with someone you can't see, while others of you may have heard of God, His Son Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit, but don't know Him intimately. Some of you may have a relationship with Him of some kind; whether it's past or present.


My hope for you as you visit my site is that you will be inspired to seek God, include Him, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and build your own personal relationship with God, our Heavenly Father. We can all grow closer to God. It is what He wants. What He desires. He loves you. He wants you to receive his love and come to know him as He is. The I AM. He wants you to love Him like he loves you.

It is my hope as well that you will also come to know Jesus Christ as He was and is for you today. Isn't it simply amazing that someone we can't see or touch loves us so much. That He was willing to come into this world as a man, give up his life for us, to provide us with a path to walk into eternal life and to be who we truly are in this world to each other...


... light

What are you waiting for?  Come on a journey with me and draw closer to God. He is waiting!

-- Bryce McLaughlin

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