Be light. Be love.

There is a battle between good and evil. It is a fact. It is both in the natural world as well as the unseen world. We all play a part in it. The attack is on us and our relationship with God. The good news is we have Jesus Christ. He came into this world, not to judge but to save it.

What a gift he is. What a beautiful life it is to walk the Christian walk. To know what it is like to love someone no matter what they say or do to you. You are able to forgive them. How is it possible?

I myself, only know that it's possible to do and behave this way when you completely and absolute surrender yourself over to the truth of who Jesus was. Admit and accept that he came to give himself up for ransom so that each of us could have life. A life everlasting and a way to the Father. This is all I know.

From a very young age I had learned and understood this. God had given me a set of eyes to see the pain in the world and to have compassion for it and everyone in it. Yes there have been times where I may not have been the best I could be in a situation, but in almost all of my trials and tribulations, no matter how difficult they have been, I have come out the other side. And walked in the light and love, with joy.

I hold onto my relationship with God, Jesus Christ and my new found relationship with the Holy Spirit. I always felt His presence, but until I came to understand the importance of the Holy Spirit (which came to me through prayer) I never understood the trinity as I do today. It's not about being able to explain it. It's about knowing. Feeling. Sensing. Allowing him to move in you. Now my eyes are open to see the importance of the Holy Spirit and why Jesus sent Him to be our comforter and teacher. Why Christ had to go.

It was all part of the plan to give us that expectant life that God promises each of us. A life of hope. Of peace. However it's up to us to be that light. Be that love that he asks of us. To love each other no matter what and to forgive completely.

What would you rather do? Take or give? If you want to take, then ask yourself, "How come it's so important to take?" dig deep and seek the reason. Turn to God and ask him. Call his name and ask for the wisdom.

I truly believe that deep down inside you have a giving heart. A heart that wants to help people. A heart that wants to make a difference in others lives. To be that giving spirit that you truly are meant to be, you simply have to get there. How you might ask?

Call out to Jesus, invite him into your life, then ask for the Holy Spirit to teach you as you read the bible. Ask Him to reveal to you wisdom. Let him lead you and show you who you are in Him.

Thanks for reading.

Great blessings unto you,

Peace and love - Bryce

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