Complete and Absolute Surrender

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light - Matthew 11:30 KJV

What does it mean to you to surrender, absolutely and completely everything?

This is something that the Lord has been teaching me, encouraging in me, and leading me along this path of surrender. Surrendering everything. At the beginning of 2019, I was overwhelmed with sadness, hurt, and brokenness. I didn’t understand what was happening or why it was happening. How come. I made no sense. I was beside myself and in many ways felt like I was loosing everything. Nothing seemed to work out. Everything looked like it was pilling up on me and I didn’t know how I was going to climb my way out of it or even where to begin; at least on my own.

I thought I heard God many times tell me that it wasn’t over, that he was going to take care of it. Take care of me. That He was going to restore all the things that I had given up, especially the things in him name; for his sake.

I walked around doing everything I could to hold my head up high as I continued to lean into God and what I sense was His promise to me. I believed Him. As I sifted through emotions and questions, things that were said by others, and what took place in the last two months of 2018, I had little peace.

By the mid 2019 I began to find peace and the journey of rediscovering the truth of who I am took over, through trust and prayer and constantly seeking God, I was able to finally accept the relationship that I was in was unhealthy. (That was hard to admit and write)

Now it was time to surrender. Prayer is an amazing gift, tool and action. It’s not only about asking for something or praising Him, it is communication with our Father, where we are able to shed the things of this world and be filled with His glorious spirit. Our flesh dies, our Spirit rises. Just as Christ did. Through His completed works, I was able to walk as the Victor.

But it wan’t just prayer. It was the word. His word. The word that I dove into, reading scriptures, reading books (Jim Cymbala’s; Spirit Rising, Watchmen Nee; A Spiritual Man, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s; From Faith to Faith daily devotions, Mark Batterson’s; The Circle Maker) not to mention spending time listening to many others and through the support of many close to me.

I appreciate you all!

Some may questions God’s love. I did at times. I wondered about it. The big question was, “What was this all about?”

Through His love for me; God went to work. He went to work on my soul and led me places and I just went. I had faith in Him that is was all for something and not for nothing so I kept following the path that was in front of me. Some steps I missed, but when I landed on the ones that were aligned with His word and His will, amazing things happened.

It wasn’t going to be easy to start letting go. It was down right hard, simply because what I felt God had said to me was going to happen; in the end it didn’t. I don’t blame Him. How could I. He won’t make someone do something they aren't willing to do. He could ask someone a thousand times to do something, but in the end they either do or don’t. And as He shared this with me, I began to hear stories of others who experienced the exact same thing.

I learned and discovered many things through this experience. Trust in God, be obedient to what He asks of you, and when He says surrender it all to Him… do so.

Absolute and complete surrender; what a great gift to have. What a great Father we have. He sees your deep pains and heavy sufferings. He receives it and takes it all away. He consumes it with His absolute and infinite love then turns it into something beautiful; giving life to you once again.

To hand over your life to Him, everything in it, all that had or has happened and to allow Him to do the works He desires to do in you, will eventually give you the liberty, and ability to move forward into new things with out bringing the past with you.

When the Lord suggests to us to you forgive, ask for blessings, and pray for your enemy or for those who have harmed you, He asks you to do this because He knows what it does for you and for the other person and the entirety of the world. It’s one less thing He has to work on, leaving room for Him to work on others.

Can you do your part in forgiving and letting go, so God has less work to do on you?

How much are you willing to let go of to receive the great peace that Jesus said He has given to us and left us with?

Surrender is a daily action that when you do it, allows God to work from the supernatural into the natural in other words from spirit to the soul. My studying and readings of many great books, which have come in perfect timing, each have helped me work through the very challenges I faced in 2019. Yes, 2019 was a very challenging year for me. A lot happened, the loss of a relationship, the struggle with finances and the challenges to keep work coming in. There were often times where I felt so hopeless with paying rent or bills. If it wasn’t for a few people very close to me I don’t know how I could have made it.

Many people along the way had opinions and thoughts. Bless them all. I knew I wanted change. I knew I didn’t want to take these feelings I had deep inside into the next day and I knew for that to happen I had to seek out God and spend every moment possible with Him.

If you are unsure of know what this is like, I hope you would at least ask someone who you know does. My point being is that when Jesus says to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all His righteousness, and all other things will follow, He really meant it. He has given us so many great words on how to approach God our Heavenly Father. He has given us such great hope in what it means to seek God our Heavenly Father. His words will lead us to find our way out of troubles.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts” Isaiah 55:9 - This is an absolute truth!

Peace and love be with you


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