Freedom in Christ

Christ took all sin to the cross, even the sin against you. He did this so each of us could walk fully in forgiveness and love.

God loves us. He asks us to love him first and foremost as the number one law to abide by. He then has asked us to love each other as we love ourselves.

Today, I have come to understand the very above (which was spoken to me yesterday morning) even more today. I know God doesn't want His children fighting with each other. He doesn't want to see them divided by thoughts and opinions or ideas for that matter.

He has asked us to love each other no matter what happens. He asks us to seek Him for wisdom above all else, so that we are able to walk in forgiveness. I know every time I go to Him with my pains and anger and frustration I find my peace. Of course I have to ask for it. Oh, heavenly Father, bring me peace. You know my heart. You know my struggles. Take them from me. Bring me peace. And this is done with thanksgiving, gratitude and love.

What's amazing about the above message for me is that it tells me how much we can focus on what someone has done to us, rather than forgiving them for what they have done.

The battle and the fight between two people can end if you decide to forgive each other, not point the finger on who is to blame, but simply acknowledge that it has happened and walk in forgiveness.

You may never know how come the person did what they did or the reason for their behavior, you may not ever get that answer, but you know that in the forgiveness there is love and that is what we are asked to do. To love one another. Even that person who we may think is our enemy.

Again God doesn't want His children fighting with each other nor does He want us to fight with others. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. If he says to us love one another, then don't you think he is asking us for peace among us?

Thanks for reading.

With great love and blessings to you,


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