Standing with God; beside Him.

Will you stand with me? Will you stand beside me and be patient?

If God invited you to do this, would you? What would it mean to you?

By standing with God and beside Him, it seems like an opportunity to view the world from His perspective, doesn't it? By agreeing to do this, my hope would be to gain wisdom, not only in my own circumstances, however in others as well. How about you? Through this, I sense I would be able to gain compassion for others and where they are at in their lives. Don't you?

Compassion is needed so that one is able to forgive another. Forgiveness is what we are asked to do and to give each other this gift. When you or I are hurt by someone (especially someone we love), is forgiveness the first thing that comes to mind? Having compassion for them or what they may be going through in that moment? Are you able to consider this? Is it easy to forgive? Oh, it can be difficult. All of it. Especially, when feelings and emotions are involved, add to it our state of mind when we encounter such a moment.

Of course forgiveness isn't always the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, the first reaction may be to react, to argue or engage in a fight. Acts of pride may get in the way and not forgiving them is a way for you get back at them or you may feel that they need to apologize first. Eventually in the end, you will have to forgive, because by not forgiving you damage your relationship with God and I am certain that deep inside none of us truly want to do that. So we might as well take the first step and forgive. No matter who was right or wrong, we must forgive.

Seeing the world from God's perspective and through His lens allows me and you to love that person no matter what. Wanting to see the world through God's eyes also builds your personal relationship with Him (something He truly desires to have with you), as well you are able to be free from any feelings you harbour. It is very much taking the high road. Something my dad often taught us; 'just because someone does something to you, doesn't give you the right to do something back.'

Again, easier said than done. This does take practice, but the more you do it, the more you are able to recognize that the person who seems to be attacking you, is really trying to communicate something else. They simply are struggling to say it or openly admit it out of fear.

We must remember we are all children of God. He gave each and everyone of us in this world life. We are all equal. He loves us all the same. We can not judge each other for where we are at in our walk and most of all we are not able to explain someone else's life, when we ourselves are unable to explain our own.

Wisdom from the Holy Spirit begins with being humble to the truth none of us are perfect. Our flesh has desires that tend to override our ability to make a spirit filled decision, while our minds can become captivated by the voices around us, and this may cause us to make poor judgements or believe something that is not true.

Walking with Christ means you are willing to take the high road and love. To have compassion. To walk with mercy and forgiveness. This allows you and me to let go of all things that aren't of Him and let God do His work in us and the other person. I am constantly reminded of this and I am grateful for it. Whether this reminder it's from a dear friend (and you know who you are) or scripture or the message from church or a book that I am reading, I work daily to live this way.

Even though at times I feel like I have to do something, sometimes the art of doing 'that something', is doing nothing and waiting patiently. Well, except praying. I may not be able to do anything in the flesh, but in the spirit and in prayer, anything is possible. God answers prayer. I have witnessed it many times over. Prayer and communion with God our Father is always a great place to go.

I was reminded by God that even Jesus spoke to him about everything that was going on in His life, how else was Jesus able to do what He did; but seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). Daily Jesus was tempted, challenged, and not to mention the struggles he faced with the lack of faith or belief people had in Him. All of this and no wonder; early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up and went to a solitary place to pray - Mark 1:35

If Jesus our Lord, our saviour, our Shepard, our humble Master as well as a servant, needed to go to the Father daily and constantly, how much more do we. When we do, consider how He sees us and what He changes in our hearts, and lives.

While in a counseling session, I was inspired to begin a prayer to God to show me my own situation from a new perspective or even a new lens. I can't recall if Rob had said to me, "Ask God to see the world through His lens or ask Him to see it your world through a different lens." Either way, I had began to pray to the Father, 'Lord, let me see my life through your lens, help me to see it all from your perspective.' and that is what He began to do.

Not only has He shared insight with me, but I have been writing more and more. My creativity seems to be blossoming. Music has been flowing through me as well. Songs I look forward to sharing soon.

Being able to stand with God and look at the world from His perspective or through His lens has led me to a place where my love and compassion grows. It grows into more patience. Of course, in the times I do lack patience, I reach out to Christ, call out to Him and ask for His strength.

To walk in the light, carry the torch, and let God our Father do His good works in me and through me, means I have to set aside my own personal thoughts and how I view the world, and begin to view it from His stand point. How I can do this is through seeking Him in prayer, He always meets me there. He will meet you there. Be blessed by Him to have this time and His ear, I know I am.

Thank you for reading.

Peace and love to you,


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