To Quantify Yourself in the Lord

Quantify yourself in the Lord God, your heavenly Father!

This came to me a couple of days weeks ago, while in prayer. I was exhausted and tired with what had recently transpired with my relationship. I couldn't bare it anymore, the pain seemed to great. I had been jumping rope and doing some shadow boxing to blow off the pent up energy and angst I was feeling.

In the exhaustion I had got down on my hands and knees asking, almost begging the Lord to take away all the stress, the struggle, the pain and the confusion I was feeling in the loss. Especially at Christmas when it was suppose to be a joyful time. A peaceful time. Neither of which I had felt. Then I heard the above spoken. Quantify yourself in the Lord God, your heavenly Father! I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to me.

To quantify means to express or give measure to. (yes I had to look it up. To make sure.)

As I dug deeper into this question, pondered it and ask myself "how do I do this?" it came to me. Right here. Right now. The thoughts were clear and simple. Give it all up to Him, tell him everything and hold nothing back, then share with people what it meant to you and did for you to be completely open and honest with God.

I was familiar with the action of coming to the Father, this whole site and my life writings is due to being encouraged to speak to him. Encouraged by the Holy Spirit, by Jesus, by God Himself.

It's been a great tool for me to be able to write to Him and share my heart. I am grateful that he taught me how. I had learned this from Neal Donald Walsh's book 'Conversations With God; an uncommon dialogue.' It was a great read of self discover of how to have a conversation with the creator. The I AM.

Over the decade or so and thousands of pages of words and thoughts that I have given to Him, shared with Him, I now am able to whole heartedly quantify myself in the Lord God our Heavenly Father. I hope that you will yourself try to do the same. And in this your relationship with Him will either be established or it will grow.

Thanks for reading.

With great love and blessings,


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