"Today is the day the Lord has made..." Psalms 118 (KJV)

What does this mean to you? Of course there is more to this where the Psalmist goes onto to speak about rejoicing and be glad. Even as I sit here and write this I think of my current state of mind. Do I truly know how to rejoice in this day? With everything that I am feeling about myself and my direction, where I am going. What lays ahead of me. If I think about the future what does that say about me living completely in the present?

What I take from this is today is all that matters. Today is the only day. Yes there will be a tomorrow and there certainly was a yesterday, but most importantly how are you living right now? Today? In this moment?

In reflection the last few days haven't been easy, but what I do recognize in it all (and this is even in today) is to completely and absolutely stay connected with God. He will guide me and lead me through this day. It is up to me to know this and live in it. This is what I call my free will. The will to either follow and let Him lead me or try and go about it my own way.

What I have learned in this life time no matter what, the most important action I can take is to speak to the Lord, share my heart, then walk through the day and know that He is with me, leading me and guiding me.

Yes some would suggest that if yo constantly wait on the Lord then you won't get anything done. Well to wait on the Lord doesn't mean not to do anything. It simply means that in your partnership with him (because it is a partnership) you take the steps necessary to accomplish that which He has placed on your heart. If you are unsure of what that is, then you ask. It is that simple.

Last week it was shared with me that faith without works is dead (Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone; James 2:17 KJV) . I pondered this and sat in it. Studied it and spoke of it with Pastor Dan when we met that Friday. It led us to have a great discussion and discovery with regards to having to do our part. As I write this I see and break down the word 'partnership'. The word 'part' is included in it. To do your part in the of moving the ship along it's path.

With God it is a partnership and you have to take action in your faith and know that he is leading you and guiding you along the path he wants you to go. He lays the road out before you. You have to merely take the steps.

The importance of today being the most important day you have is an important acknowledgement to make. Walking step by step in this trust and faith, keeping your eyes open to see the gems and the gifts God has for you. Be it an encounter with another person. Be it something happening at work. Be it a parcel arriving in the mail. All these things happen with God's hand in it. Everyone of them. For that is how great He is and when it happens is exactly that moment that it is meant to happen.

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