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Kingdom Living; We must live today as we are in Heaven right now, instead of living as we are to be Heaven tomorrow.

Living and walking in the light; All that is in me is Him. I walk in the way and truth of Christ, because He is in me. I must love everyone, even those who have brought harm to me and you consider to be an enemy. To have compassion for them is to bring light unto them, for we do not know their walk until they share with us.

The Kingdom of Heaven and how we are today; We must behave in this world as if we are in the Kingdom of Heaven already. That means we love our Lord and each other. We must act as if we are already in the Kingdom of Heaven and every thing we do we do with such care and love and compassion for each other. We all matter today.

The one lost Sheep; The Shepard leaves his flock to go out and find the one who is lost. He does this knowingly that his other sheep will care for each other. He goes after the one who is missing because he knows they are in danger and they need him.

God's word and it's three characteristics; the written word, the performance of the word, and the visual of the word;  We must read the written word; study it. We must perform the word; put it into action. We must let others see that we live the word; Visually showing people what the walk looks like.

Running from God; Eventually, you will find yourself in His loving embrace. Does it not make sense to let Him love you right now. To let Him be your everything (savior). Let Him be this today instead of tomorrow or the next day?

The Lord's word to me; To walk with me, is to talk with me, is to listen to me, and my words to you. They are different for everyone, even though the laws are the same for all of you, the relationship is different to each and everyone of you.


He who is in us loves us greatly. How do you run from what is in you? It's like trying to run from yourself.

In the end; Everything leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you not want to go there? So why not have a relationship with the one who wants you to join Him there.

The conversation after the journey; One day you will have to speak to me about your life on earth and what it was like. Would it not make sense to speak to me of it now so that you can prepare yourself for the eternal life you will have.

Be good to everyone (including yourself); One day you will see me in the Kingdom of Heaven and we will talk about what you did to me. What you didn’t do and how you treated me. So is it not wise to be good here in this world now and love.

The call of patience;  Stand beside me. Will you? Yes I will stand with you. I will stand beside you and wait. 

To stand with God, have faith in Him, believe in Him, trust in Him and know that he is with you; will you be with Him too?

The value of your life; God gave you life. Jesus died so you could have a relationship with God, the Father. The Holy Spirit is the gift of wisdom and guidance. Live the life you were meant to. Don't let the world tell you who you are. Let the world know who you are by what you do. 

Carry the torch;  Light lives in each of us. We must be an extension of Christ in this world. Don't live a life of making enemies. Build a life of making brothers and sisters. Be that extension of Christ that you were design to be. Live the life God intended for you.